ezChartWriter Version 4.0 (Optometrist Electronic Medical Records) is ready for Downloading!

  Why EyeCharts :

Because EyeCharts is so easy to learn and use, you will quickly be able to save TIME and MONEY.  You save time by having charts at your fingertips and have the ability to import prior data.  You save money by coding your exams properly and being able to work more walk-ins into you schedule.  And with many of the same features found in $5,000+ EMR systems, EyeCharts will grow with your practice.  The excuse of not being able to afford EMR software has become a thing of the past!

  Latest News :

EyeCharts has been renamed to ezChartWriter for version 4.0, to better reflect the ease of use.  The software now features several enhancements, including the ability to open and work on multiple patient charts at once. A cleaner layout with more help options and tool wizards makes for a pleasing experience.

  Simplify, Organize & Control Your Practice :

   PROBLEM: Patients are demanding more for less.  
SOLUTION: Use EyeCharts to maximize your time.

PROBLEM: Competitors are becoming more effective.  
SOLUTION: Stay ahead of the crowd with high-tech EMR software.

PROBLEM: You're losing insurance dollars.  
SOLUTION: Recapture lost dollars with proper coding/billing.

PROBLEM: Your malpractice risks are high. 
SOLUTION: Reduce your risk with comprhensive, clear records.

PROBLEM: Burdensome HIPAA regulations.  
SOLUTION: Let the software do the work for you!




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Download a fully functional demo of EyeCharts software and see for yourself how easy it can be to go paperless...